“Miss. Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture” Examines The Life of Catherine Dior

The book takes a deeper look into the character of Catherine Dior, Christian Dior’s youngest sister. 

She wasn’t just Catherine Dior, she was Miss. Dior. Although this nickname came to be the name of Christian Dior’s first perfume, there was much more to Catherine than being his youngest sister. And for the first time ever, her life is thoroughly examined. With the help of author Justine Picardie, Catherine receives the recognition that she rightfully deserves through the book, Miss. Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture

Membership card of the Ravensbrück deported association, 1946. Courtesy of Collection Christian Dior Parfums, Paris.

The book first discusses Catherine’s commitment to love, especially to Hervé des Charbonnieres, whom she later joined the French Resistance with. During the resistance was when she discovered her love for flowers, which she saw as a comfort and meaning for resilience, and became a voice for women. Because of this deep love, the couple became suppliers of fresh cut flowers at Les Halles de Paris Market, and eventually grew roses and jasmine at their Provence home. 

It can be implied that her passion for flowers inspired the scent of Miss. Dior, and later the elaborately embroidered “With A Thousand Flowers” dress. Like an elegant bouquet, the perfume is soft, femmine and fresh. These were all things Catherine was herself. 

Catherine Dior harvesting May roses at Les Naÿssès estate in Callian. Courtesy of Collection Christian Dior Parfums, Paris.

Because of her close relationship with her brother, she became the moral heir of Dior after her brother’s passing. Catherine wore Miss. Dior all throughout her life, and continued Christian’s vision until her own passing in 2008. Just as the book wants readers to remember, Catherine was a woman who embodied life and courage, and most importantly, the “Dior spirit.”

Miss. Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture is currently available for purchase online and in-stores at most bookstores. 

Courtesy of Dior
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