Miss Sohee Brings Korean Folk Art To Life

The emerging designer partners with Dolce&Gabanna to present a stunning collection for Milan Fashion Week

In their continued efforts to support the emerging generation of designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana invest in new talent, their latest undertaking being Sohee Park, founder and Creative Director of the brand Miss Sohee. Miss Sohee made its international debut during Milan Fashion Week, presenting their newest collection inside the Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda premises in Corso Venezia 13. A reflection of D&G’s creative vision, Miss Sohee is tailored and authentic, earning Dolce and Gabbana’s support throughout the collection’s creation and presentation organization.

Inspired by historical Korean folk art, Park combines a traditional Korean color palette of reds, blues, blacks, whites and golds, with visually textural elements. Her aesthetic inclination for the collection is heavily influenced by Minhwa, meaning “painting of the people.” These creations were traditionally produced by anonymous and untrained artists and bound in historical context, to which Park reimagined them into tableaus with her own sketches brought to life by embroidery.

Natural elements such as tigers, magpies, flowers, butterflies, ocean waves and mountains are depicted with Swarovski crystals and adorned onto sparkly, feminine silhouettes. Engaging in sustainability, Park continues to use environmentally-friendly materials, with Hansan Mosi made from locally sourced hemp, and upcycled fabrics from the Dolce&Gabbana archive and plant-based fibres.

Miss Sohee introduces a venture into accessories, and with the help of the Dolce&Gabbana ateliers has created bags, shoes, and jewels that reflect traditional Korean wear and hair adornments. Parallel to her garments, bags are embroidered with Minhwa-inspired tableaus of animals, sea waves and flowers. Peonies are a core theme of the collection, as the flower symbolizes wealth and well-being in Koreon folklore.

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