Missoni and Supreme Collab for Fall 2021

Missoni and Supreme are giving us the best of both worlds.

A match made in heaven, Missoni and Supreme pair pleasantly well together with their latest collaboration for their Fall 2021 collection. The beloved Italian luxury house known for their elegant knitwear with vibrant patterns are teaming up with the ever-popular streetwear brand, Supreme, to produce a selection of outerwear and hats that bring out the best of each brand.

Adhering to classic Missoni prints and patterns, the pieces of the collection are composed of various knits and shells with chevron print and bright patterns. Jackets, sweaters, polos, hooded sweatshirts and a crusher are key pieces of the collection.

Knitted jackets with “MISSONI SUPREME” emblazoned across the back truly show the influences of each brand and how they blend together in one common garment. Color palettes for these jacket include a earth-toned inspiration with various greens, yellows, browns and oranges as well as a more bold option that is woven with reds, blues, yellows and black.

Worried a full-knit isn’t your thing? No worries, because solid color shell jackets with knitted cuffs and borders prove to be a simplistic-yet-chic option of the collection as well. Available in navy blue or a grass green, the shell jacket features a subtle chevron pattern throughout and a small “MISSONI SUPREME” logo at the breast pocket.

A pullover sweater depicting an abstract pattern of the New York City skyline’s buildings and skyscrapers with hidden “MISSONI SUPREME” logos is one of our favorite pieces of the collection, blending Missoni’s high-fashion elegance with Supreme’s streetwear credibility, this piece is one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

A knitted three-quarter zip with a collar is also available, highlighting this blend of the two beloved brands as well. 

Finally, knitted bucket hats of similar patterns are also a strong contender for our favorite piece of the collection.

Whether you desire to step out this fall with a chic and elegant outfit or a cool nonchalant vibe, why not do both with Missoni and Supreme?

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