Misterwives Premiere: "3 small words"

Misterwives Premiere: "3 small words"

Misterwives Premiere: "3 small words"

Because you deserve to be happy this Friday.

Because you deserve to be happy this Friday.

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Amidst the barrage of plain awfulness that was 2020 comes the occasional gem. Such is the case with the new Misterwives video for "3 small words," premiering today on V Magazine.

The song itself, a quirky, triumphantly upbeat ode to love, makes for the perfect soundtrack (obviously) to the new video, which is a brainchild of lead singer Mandy Lee. The dancing flower monster was also her brainchild. Obviously, the obstacles this year (which Lee discusses, below) were not enough to stop her. If anything, it got her thinking outside of the box.

Our three words for the new video? WE - LOVE - IT.

We also connected with Lee to learn more about what she's been up to, as well as what she thinks of the future.

How has the last year affected your creativity?

This last year has been a creative obstacle course. Not having the ability to all be together to tour, shoot videos and record the way we used to was like opening the fridge to make dinner and there being scant groceries. However, it did force us to make the best of the few ingredients we had, which in turn wound up forcing us to get even more creative. Basically this year has been one long episode of Chopped and it's culminated into things like shooting and producing music videos from home to conjuring up a live stream concert that will be out on December 12th. We are calling this technicolor virtual experience a "Live Dream" where we will be performing SUPERBLOOM in its entirety and brought the album to life visually akin to theatre. Not having the best component of the show--which is connecting with the audience--made us roll up our sleeves and get super imaginative with how to make this show at all interesting. We are really proud of what we’ve dreamt up and can't wait to transport the viewer to the world of SUPERBLOOM.

How did you come up with the idea for this video? What is it about?

For a year that has been challenging enough I don’t know why sewing a suit covered entirely in thousands of flowers and learning choreography when I've never had a dance class in my life seemed like the right move, but I guess I needed to bury my head in a project and the flower-covered shoe sure fit! I wanted the video to capture the feeling of being terrified of the very thing that you barely survived, but allowing yourself to embrace its beauty regardless of your fears. That thing is love, and dressing it up as a monster (covered in flowers of course, because it derives from SUPERBLOOM world) was a metaphorical visual I couldn't shake no matter how many times I took to the drawing board.  The video starts off with me getting pricked by a thorn and at the end of the video a tiny bloom is growing from the wound. It sums up my journey these last few years in a much more fantastical way.

What are your hopes for next year?

My hopes for the next year is having an administration that addresses this pandemic, social injustices, climate change and the many other horrors this country is facing with the compassion and diligence it will take to create positive change. Oh and touring, man do I miss real-life human connection and being in a room full of sweaty humans all singing and moving as one.


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