Miu Miu Transcends Reality at Paris Fashion Week

A show that speaks, thinks, and inspires.

Miu Miu’s SS23 collection is layered – literally and figuratively. Themed “In Translation,” the collection interrogates how ideas morph as we communicate. If everything changes in the process of translation, where do we find truth?

For Miu Miu founder Miuccia Prada, the answer lies in interaction itself. Truth is fluid and fleeting, but so are we. In discovering ways to express the world around us, we create truthful moments, and those moments become reality.

The reality that Miu Miu conjures at Paris Fashion week is one worth living in. Deliciously high-tech, the show melds a poetic soundscape by musician Eli Osheyack with immersive, virtual imagery – a collaboration between artist Shuang Li and design firm AMO. Jaw-dropping designs on legendary models solidify this performance as a highlight of Paris Fashion Week.

Think of these looks as works of prose, in which each deceptively simple garment acts as a word. When combined, these pared-down pieces form sentences, paragraphs, and pages, communicating lyrical stories that a lone garment could not.

The show’s opening look, displayed on actress Esther McGregor, layers a white T-shirt beneath an eggshell top, beige sweater, and gray overshirt. The garments overlap one another with neutral-toned subtlety, heralding the silhouette of Miu Miu’s classic miniskirt.Another standout design presents a lightweight, nylon overcoat cinched above an ensemble of undershirt, sweater, belt, and shorts. The look feels casual but meticulous, a careful combination of airy fabrics that balance utility and decoration. In this outfit and others, Miu Miu’s work defies gender restrictions. The garments exist for everyone; they reflect a reality rooted more in authenticity than binaries.Later in the show, Miu Miu leans into its position as the cheeky, younger subsidiary of the Prada house. A shimmering, translucent duo of nude overshirt and emerald skirt cast ethereal hues over delicate undergarments. Hot pink sandals add a pop of neon, as Y2k-style shades situate the line well within this season’s early-aughts revival.Closing the production on a high note, FKA Twigs sports a midnight-blue sweater and jet-black miniskirt evocative of a sexy, school uniform. This look centers the Miu Miu miniskirt, but it offsets the super-short hemline with finger-length cuffs and an elevated collar. These details add crisp structure to a look that feels otherwise soft and sinuous.It’s only fitting that Miu Miu’s latest masterpiece meditates on reality and interaction. The brand’s iconic work has revolutionized global pop culture while reacting to it. Miuccia Prada put it best: “This collection is about fashion born into fashion, and born for reality.”

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