MM6 Defies Formality for SS21

The SS21 collection embraces a domestic narrative of typography, scale, proportion and silhouette.

MM6 Maison Margiela, relinquishes formality and embraces domestic inspirations in their Spring-Summer 2021 collection. 

Chopped garments, distorted accessories and beige bodysuits echo a redefined corporate world that now works nine to five from the comfort of home. Instead of shying away from this reorganized world, MM6 boldly seizes fashion’s rapidly changing nature.

MM6’s SS21 lookbook displays countless styles incorporating elements that play with themes of typography, scale, proportion and silhouette. In almost every modeled look, designers intentionally make the viewer aware of cameras and stylists, successfully bringing into view the ways behind image creation; a factor central to MM6’s domestic narrative. 



Typography is a standout and repeated element in multiple MM6 SS21 looks. Sentences, with a typewriter font face, are incorporated on arm-length gloves, button-ups and light scarfs. Each garment with the typography reads, in part, “This garment is an iconic MM6 silhouette,” and later, “Hope you enjoy wearing this piece.”  



Multiple looks in the SS21 collection are designed to emblem qualities of working from home. Pinstripe and poplin sleeves are formatted around working on a desktop computer, as they are cropped at elbow length. Bodysuits in the collection reflect the flexibility, and sometimes comfortability, of an at-home workforce.



Embracing the unorthodox nature of current times, MM6 redefines the ordinary usage and match of specific clothing pieces. Dark gloves are paired with a black bodysuit, topped with a cropped coat holding only two buttons. Shoes are covered by the bodysuit in many styles and surrounding garments also take on an unorthodox layering.



Accessories are also uniquely and elegantly styled in MM6’s SS21 lookbook. Redesigned sneakers and platformed-boots incorporate toned patchwork while maintaining a seemingly simplistic design. Pant-chains, hand and shoulder carried bags also incorporate a leather styled patchwork toned in a tan color-way.




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