MM6 Maison Margiela Constructs the Unexpected for Fall 2023 RTW

The Paris-based brand sought to second guess yourself with the design and styling of garments developed in a new frame.

This season MM6 Maison Margiela had individuals in mind along with well-thought-out designs for individual pieces in the show. MM6 sought to test the mind on how people would typically view and piece together a look as the design team went in a slightly puzzling direction by styling in unexpected variations. The brand takes on a different angle playing with textures and silhouettes to affect first impressions. 

The basis of this collection is modular and highly functional as MM6 thinks about the different meanings a person can create with a piece. The line from the famous French fashion house presents an important area in the industry where clothing is practical, minimal, adaptable, and wearable; this provides longevity and allows the wearer to style items in their unique way and have room for new ideas. The concept is to allow space to build and disassemble the clothes to layer and mix with other pieces to have an open process of constructing and deconstructing creations. Layering is a keynote here as the illusion is the confusion of tracing one garment to the next. Each garment can easily mesh with another but can stand alone as well.

Image Courtesy of MM6 Maison Margiela

With looks that carry an oversized blazer, pullover sweater, rugged buttoned-down shirt, and a turtleneck, to a white tee, light sweater, black leather jacket, high-rise briefs with a peep of the MM6 logo on the waistband, and a cream blazer with jean jacket buttons seems like unnecessary layers but is the savvy presentation of a versatile collection. MM6 strives to make clothes that are wearable while remaining cool and leveling up from basic. 

Image Courtesy of MM6 Maison Margiela

Shoes are to note as they remain straightforward with clunky thigh-high boots devised from brushed calfskin and distressed suede with 7cm flatforms to add height as MM6 remains consistent in having a utilitarian side. Though the collection looks unconventional, the genius behind MM6 is that it is quite practical in quality, materials, and lengthy duration. Illusionary garments have been a recurring theme this season and with previous seasons as the design team took their turn with mixed fabrics as an oversized black blazer is thought to have leather biker jacket sleeves but is a blazer vest. Vests are frequently seen throughout the collection whether in puffer form, sleeveless trench coats, or a double-zippered leather piece with another classic black buttoned vest just because. 

Two key trends that MM6 shares along with the rest of the season are metallic leather pieces with boots, bags, and pants as metallics are coming in hot for fall as they’re either painted on, made with leather (or faux), and lurex fibers. Opera gloves have been creeping in the last few years but have made multiple appearances this season as MM6 plays with the gloves to give the continuation of long sleeve shirts but are separate pieces that slightly trick your mind. 

Image Courtesy of MM6 Maison Margiela

MM6 is known for its garments that are fundamental but bring elevation and consist of quality. A collection that is wearable on the streets from day to night, includes individuality, flexibility, and comfortability while being precise in detailing and styling. There is always a bigger purpose as MM6 seeks to become more transparent as the show exposes the staff leaving final touches on models and letting go of the mystery to connect with those who will potentially wear the clothes.

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