MM6 Maison Margiela Presents An Unconventional Ode To Nightlife

The Resort 2023 collection pushes the boundaries of experimental fashion and reworked classics

The arrival of summer symbolizes freedom, fun, and a return to the party scene, which MM6 Maison Margiela celebrates in their Spring-Summer 2023 lookbook. The modern shoot is imagined outside La Java, a popular Paris nightclub, and depicts a diverse group of individuals joined together by eclectic fashion and a love for long nights. 

Known for their avant-garde approach to fashion, Maison Margiela sticks to their archival tradition of rethinking designs, creating equally unexpected and intricate pieces. Class tailoring is shown in a wool blazer — complete with the recognizable MM6 ‘non-logo’ circular elbow patches — and five-pocket trousers.

Versatility is apparent through ribbed tanks and striped cotton jersey T-shirts, while crew necks are rethought into sarong-like visions whose draping adds a certain creative autonomy to the pieces.

Knitwear is explored with argyle vests in scarlet and black and thick sweaters in reverse kaleidoscopic patterns. Raw edges adorn tailored gilets, ribbed cardigans, and jersey hoodies.

Functional, everyday pieces are still apparent throughout the collection, as denim jackets are offered in both fitted and oversized silhouettes while outerwear proves practical and fashion-forward. Crisp poplin and viscose satin is imagined in shirting of various proportions and designs.

A theme arises through jagged necklines across dresses, jackets, and cardigans, created through an innovated collar system that eliminates distinct neckholes, as the house’s Parisian headquarters are printed across knit sweaters and shorts.

Accessories enhance the eccentric line with polished spherical jewelery, a zippered hat bag, and the Japanese bag in a variety of iterations: boxy shoulder bags, flat crossbody pouches, and oval-bottomed designs. A pebbled leather slip-on show and molten sandals round out the experimental line.

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