Model Faith Lynch Taps Into Music with Debut Single “Whisky”

The multi-talented muse explores a new mode of self-expression.

When it comes to creative expression, 20-year-old Faith Lynch knows no limits. Discovered at Wiz Khalifa’s concert just 4 years ago, the multi-dimensional muse entered the modeling industry at a young age and has since been able to hone her picturesque abilities to perfection. Starring in the Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance campaign and closing Miu Miu’s runway show, Lynch is already conquering the modeling world. Today, the seasoned model is expanding her creative outlets for self-expression and taking on the music industry with the release of her first single “Whisky” and a corresponding music video.

Produced by Rich Skillz, Lynch’s debut single melodically illustrates a refreshing vulnerability and crucial honesty about modern-day romance. Crunching time in the studio building the backing tracks and foundational harmonies, Lynch recorded the entire song from start to finish in only six hours. Exploring the expressive realms of her fervent vocals, Lynch had an immediate connection with the track’s sincere sound and powerful message. “I am definitely in an experimental phase when it comes to finding my sound,” Lynch told us. “I’ve been working in the studio trying to figure out what I want to sound like, but I know it’s going to be soulful. I think any listener will be able to hear the soul in ‘Whisky’.”

The accompanying music video, directed by Matt Easton, opens as the melody slowly builds into fruition and Lynch gives a glance at the viewer through the rearview mirror of her top-down convertible. The scene then switches to an entirely contrasting setting, where an emotionally distraught Lynch sits before a burning rose with mascara-infused tears streaming down her face. Introduced in the following scenes is a love interest, evidently responsible for Lynch’s overwhelming emotional strife. Juxtaposing the ferocity of their relationship’s turmoil with the jubilation of the couple’s intense bond as the song continues, “Whisky” showcases the hysterical commotion of an “It’s complicated” relationship. “It’s an angry love passion song about a couple and this girl that is addicted to love and addicted to how she feels when she’s with this guy, even though she knows it’s toxic,” she explained. “So basically the song is asking, ‘When are you going to change? And if you’re not, I’m leaving.’” 

Finding solace in artistic expression through modeling and music, Lynch integrated both creative passions behind-the-scenes of her emotive music video. “The styling and hair and makeup were just as important to me as the song,” she told us. “Everything that I do comes from my heart and soul. And I think that both modeling and music allow me to creatively express myself in the best way.”

Adding music to her extensive repertoire of creative endeavors, Faith Lynch is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Watch the emotionally-inspired music video for her debut single “Whisky” below.

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