Model Grace Elizabeth Surprises Fans with Baby News After Keeping her Pregnancy a Secret

Supermodel Grace Elizabeth released the announcement to her Instagram.

Unbeknownst to her millions of fans and 1.2 million Instagram followers, Grace Elizabeth had been keeping a secret for nine long months. The Victoria’s Secret Angel took to social media to announce she has given birth to a baby boy, Noah, after keeping her pregnancy a secret. 

“I kept private about the pregnancy because I wasn’t ready to share him with the world just yet; my best-kept secret,” the model wrote in an Instagram post. “My husband and I really just wanted to live in those precious moments and give our unborn baby the love and attention he needed to grow without outside eyes or expectations.”

Photograph: Cass Bird / Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

The happy news came to coincide with the release of Victoria’s Secret’s annual Mother’s Day campaign which stars Elizabeth. A black and white portrait by Cass Bird captures the beauty nine months pregnant rocking lowrise jeans and her baby bump on full display. The photoshoot came in expert timing, snapping the model in her last hours of pregnancy. “Sure enough as soon as I arrived on set I started having contractions, they were 10 minutes apart and by 5 pm the next day Nico and I checked into the hospital where our beautiful boy was born 18 hours later.”

In an interview with Vogue, the Florida native explained how her perspective on beauty has shifted for the better. “I’ve had moments of despair when clothes didn’t fit, or at the sight of my stretch marks, or loose skin, or dark circles from sleep deprivation—but then I look into my son’s eyes and remember that these little things are proof of a strength and beauty like no other.”

The 24-year old stunner most recently starred in “States of Grace” in V Magazine’s 128 issue. Elizabeth is married to German footballer, Nicolas Krause who also took to his Instagram to share black and white snaps holding baby Noah in the hospital. “Father & Son,” he wrote. “Thank you for gifting me my first son @lovegrace_e , you are my hero forever.”

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