Model Guinevere Van Seenus Talks Isolation Amid Coronavirus

Get to know Guinevere and view exclusive images shot by Rowan Papier.

In light of this global pandemic, many find themselves in a state of isolation. The word “isolation”, takes on a somewhat negative connotation, but model Guinevere Van Seenus doesn’t necessarily see it that way. “It’s focused me, actually,” she says. “I was already doing self-shot work, so the timing was a little uncanny. I’ve been doing more of that and really enjoying it, and working on my jewelry line. I had a few custom orders that got finished quicker than usual.”

Self-reflection seems inevitable when the constant external noise and distractions that is life goes almost radio silent. Van Seenus admits that she doesn’t know how to think about her outlook on life as a result of the global crisis, but is well aware it is life-altering.

“It’s a great time to get to know yourself—get quiet, and see what your soul wants to do. It is a great distillation happening. So, far that has meant a lot of creative projects, home-work, cooking and watching old movies.” Opting for something more cultured, than the usual Netflix binge, Van Seenus makes it a point to spend her evenings viewing the likes of classic films like A Bridge Too Far, The Killers … and a lot of Elia Kazan. “I love his character choices. His epidemic film Panic in the Streets was pretty amazing given our current situation,” says Van Seenus. 

Aside from her affinity to learn, work, or self-reflect, you can find Guinevere in New York City— where she lives—doing her part amid this pandemic simply by staying home. She continues, “We usually work with animals through fostering and rescue but unfortunately don’t have the ability for more at the moment.” However, that’s not to say she hasn’t been giving back to the community in other meaningful ways. “I have been working on pieces to donate, both jewelry and photographs, staying out of the way, sharing kindnesses [and] bringing joy where possible—that’s pretty much it since we started self-quarantine.”

See below for images of Guinevere lensed by Rowan Papier in a series called “Isolation” taken prior to the recent pandemic.

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