Mogli Releases New Album Ravage and Accompanying Film

Mogli Releases New Album Ravage and Accompanying Film


Mogli Releases New Album Ravage and Accompanying Film

Being a multi-talented artist, Mogli combines two of her passions for her latest project.

Being a multi-talented artist, Mogli combines two of her passions for her latest project.

Text: Stevie Rowley

Mogli is a force to be reckoned with. As a multi-talented singer, songwriter, filmmaker, sustainability advocate, and one-woman tour de force, she’s a powerhouse that’s not slowing down. For her newest project, Mogli brings themes of self-discovery and healing to her new album and film Ravage

Believing that art can foster connection and inclusion, Mogli shares the message of being brave to be vulnerable in order to overcome, heal and connect. For Ravage, she tackles topics that are personal to her life. She shares her experiences with self-empowerment, feminism, toxic masculinity and societal problems in the different tracks on the album. She shares how growing up in an LGBTQ family with two moms, and a dad from Algeria encourages her to promote inclusivity and equality in order to create a connection she feels the world is lacking. 

“I have learned that it is very rewarding and can make you happy if you can be brave enough to be vulnerable. We are lacking empathy in the world and vulnerability is a way toward more empathy. If you can share how you feel, it gives people a chance to understand you,” she said.

For Ravage, Mogli combines songwriting and singing with her filmmaking skills. She creates a film that features 10 songs from the new album. Metaphorical dance, breathtaking cinematography, and an illuminating dystopian to utopian transformation spring to life through characters named after the emotions Mogli experienced on her journey to create the album. Mogli plays Fear and Bravery, while other actors play Melancholy, Love, Rage, Insecurity and Mirth. 

She teased the film with a series of episodic videos that were taken from the film. “Mirror” serves as the latest installment to the series. Viewers watch as Mogli frees herself from self-destructive tendencies and learns to not listen to the voices in her head. She uses these healing devices to let go of a toxic relationship. The journey ends with new songs, such as “Posion”, “Ravage”, and “Release”, as she embraces the possibility of happiness and the inevitability of pain. 

In celebration of the album and film release, fans join Mogli for a watch party on her Youtube channel. She performs songs from the album live and answers questions from fans before premiering the film. 

Ravage celebrates Mogli’s independent, DIY approach to music and creating. She takes full creative control of her vision and shows the world what she is capable of. 

Credits: All Images Courtesy of Mogli


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