Moncler and JW Anderson Unveil a Collection in a Box

The Moncler Genius collection makes its way to an exhibition in a box featuring images and art from the collection.

Who says fashion always needs to be out of the box?

1 Moncler JW Anderson released their new collection for the season. As part of the Moncler Genius line-up of collections, JW Anderson’s collaboration yields a blend of Moncler’s traditional ski-wear and puffy silhouettes with Anderson’s bright, gender-fluid style.

The looks are a cascade of colors, ranging from muted browns and greens, to bright blues and yellows. Puffy jackets, padded scarves, wide-brimmed hats, and shorts are part of Moncler’s traditional shapes, to which Anderson adds some extra dimensionality with embossed dots and spikes. The silhouettes are meant to be gender-fluid and can be worn indifferently by a person of any gender identity. 

To commemorate the launch of the collection, Moncler and JW Anderson released an “Exhibition in a Box.” 500 limited edition archive cases of the box will be available. The box contains several images and art from the collection and its editorial shoots in the English countryside. The images were all taken by New York-based photographer, Tyler Mitchell.

Exhibition in a Box

“I am happy to share with you the culmination of my Moncler Genius collection,” said Jonathan Anderson about the new release, “a piece you can interact with at home while we’re still struggling to find ways to spend time together. Hope you enjoy this Exhibition in a Box with the incredible images from Tyler Mitchell.” 

A look inside the box

The images, presented in an archive box, are meant to be taken apart and can be arranged and distributed according to the creativity and desires of the person with the box. It represents an effort by Anderson and Moncler to bring the fashion home in a time when it can’t necessarily make the runway.

You can view the rest of the 1 Moncler JW Anderson collection on their website.

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