Moncler and Matthew Williams Embody Luxury Technology

The creative director’s 6 Moncler 1017 ALYX 9SM collection for Moncler Genius is versatile, functional and sustainable.

Moncler Genius is a trailblazer for creativity, a pioneer for exploration breaking into new horizons in 2020. In a journey into new territories and personal expressiveness, the luxury skiwear brand invited a symposium of designers to give their unique take on Moncler, breaking down barriers and creative a unique hub transcending the world of fashion and reaching into the world of experience.

California-based and Chicago-born creative director Matthew Williams has reshaped and refined the aesthetic of street culture throughout his decade-long career, and now, he construes his creative and research-based project into his ready-to-wear brand, 1017 ALYX 9SM. Drawing inspiration from his West Coast youth and global urban subcultures, the sustainable designs evoke freedom, free-spiritedness, youth.

Now the Creative Director of Givenchy, Williams has more than mastered the sleek and chic metropolitan aesthetic. Function finds its match in state-of-the-art construction, responsible fabrication and sophisticated designs, a fluid merging of tech and craftsmanship to join the machine-made and human-made in garments birthed from exquisiteness.

Williams’ collection stems from a fusing of the identities of Moncler and 1017 ALYX9SM—the result is a unique, forward-moving body, an entity faithful to both labels. The defining cuts, sharp tailoring, laser-cut details and clean color palette of 1017 ALYX 9SM are merged with the outdoor spirit of Moncler.

For this season, Williams’ garment-dyeing research took a new form, too, being applied to duvet to create a line of padded and non-padded outerwear playing on the dichotomy between matte and glossy. Parkas, cropped blousons, zip-up trench coats, trousers and leggings are fabricated from organic materials treated to become technical, shaped from a palette of neutrals sliced with black.

The genius of Williams further presents itself in recycled nylon laque and manipulation techniques, allowing for a dust-coated Swarovski embellishment on a statement puffer jacket.

True to the many aspects of the collection, the looks within it are layered, building on and off one another—strong enough to be worn separately, complementary enough to be worn in correspondence. Tights and tops of the collection are made from sustainable Econyl, a regenerated nylon from land-based and ocean waste, while signature Moncler hardware and accessories including rubber boots polish the collection off.

In the new world of performance outerwear, there is something distinctly organic, distinctly individualistic and urbane—a kismet merging of Williams and Moncler. 


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