In the heart of Paris, where elegance and sophistication merge effortlessly with the rhythm of the city streets, Moncler unveils its much-anticipated FW24 collection. To bring this collection to life, Moncler has enlisted none other than celebrated French actor Arnaud Binard and his daughter, Maya Rose

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Binard, known for his magnetic presence on both the screen and the waves as a passionate surfer turned actor, helps introduce Moncler’s new collection with his innate charm and effortless confidence. With ton-sur-ton layers of beige and charcoal, tactile textures of corduroy and cable knit, and smart accents of navy, Arnaud and Maya, a rising star in her own right, bring a sense of ageless sophistication to capture the essence of Moncler’s longstanding range of timeless offerings. From knit shorts paired with soft cashmere and wool layers to signature jackets, Maya Rose showcases the versatility and edgy appeal of the collection.

Signature Moncler nylon is elevated with accents of finest leather, shearling, or suede, ensuring both style and practicality for the colder months ahead. Meanwhile, overshirts and sumptuous wool and cashmere knits anchor the collection in a refined color palette of perennial neutrals, offering a perfect balance of comfort and sophistication.

But it’s not just about outerwear, as the collection introduces new additions of fabrics in velvet and tinted yarn, with discrete patterns and minimalist graphics that add subtle interest to the lineup. The result is an essential uniform of pared-down looks that seamlessly transition through life’s daily spheres, where classic sartorial tropes are modernized in silhouette and fabric.

In conversation with V, Arnaud Binard discussed what it was like to shoot the campaign with his daughter, his winter essentials, and what we can expect to see in the upcoming season of Emily in Paris.

V Magazine: What was your first reaction when Moncler asked you to be the face of the FW24 Collection? How did your daughter get into the mix?

Arnaud Binard: The project was not only thrilling because of the brand’s unrivaled legacy, its high-end manufacturing, and constant innovation pursuit, but also because the team involved in the making was composed of high talents such as Robert Rabensteiner for art direction, and the great photographer Boo George. I believe the Moncler team already had a father or mother and son or daughter campaign in mind when contacting us. Maya Rose and I have had the chance to bring their vision to life. Highlighting an authentic link and the virtues of transmission between generations seems to be a bit of a manifesto of this collection in my opinion.

Courtesy on Moncler

V: With the imagery shot in the streets of Paris, what do you love most about the city?

AB: Of course, the cutting line of the roofs of Paris drawing the horizon crossed by the emblematic spire of the Eiffel Tower connecting the earth to the sky is a strong statement when we talk about decor. Even for us, who have known this city for years, filming in such a context was very inspiring and moving. The streets of Paris are full of secrets and surprises and flirting with the heights immediately gives you a taste of its epic murmur.

V: With the collection centered around functional designs done in cozy fabrics with knitwear, what are some of your winter-style essentials to brace for the cold?

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AB: Since we are pretty much outdoor and leisure-obsessed within our family culture, the original technical garments from Moncler have always been in our wardrobe, but what makes this collection so attractive is its versatility. From town to country, mountains, and oceans, to the center of cities, one wouldn’t take off these garments.

V: What are some of your favorite memories that you’ve shared with your daughter, Maya Rose?

AB: Sharing this shoot for the first time is definitely a standout, but I have so many good memories with her. The one that comes to mind now, we were on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean when I put her on my board for her first glide on a small wave in the lagoon. She was so amazed and thrilled, but so young at the same time, that I didn’t know if she would even remember it.

Courtesy on Moncler

V: How has it been to see Maya Rose come into her own as an actress with her most recent roles and experiences?

AB: This job is so demanding and rough that as a father I was reluctant at first. She showed so much consistency and put so much hard work into it that we didn’t dare doubt her. I had no family in the arts, and I’ve journeyed a long way on my own before starting to feel some confidence in my professional surroundings. She’s committed to the craft. I try and be there for her, but she doesn’t really need me. We have great exchanges on acting issues, but she’ll do it her way. We all do at the end of the day…

V: With Emily in Paris S4 on the horizon, can we expect to see Laurent G make a few appearances following the dramatic conclusion to S3 with Sylvie?

AB: Laurent G is back for season 4. He’s aiming to open a Laurent G club in Paris, with the support of Sylvie, but the stakes are high surrounding the club in light of how season 3 ended, one can imagine some turbulence in the process… I cannot tell you much, but I can tell you that season 4 is going to be exciting, if not challenging, for Sylvie and Laurent.

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