MONCLER GRENOBLE Is for All Your Summer Adventures

With high-tech performance, outdoor is closer

Blending function with style, Moncler Grenoble redefines outdoor wear. Whether you’re tackling the highest peaks, skiing the fastest runs, or scaling the steepest rock face, even with the most demanding adventures, Moncler Grenoble has you covered.

For men’s wardrobe, with high-tech performance, a variety of items are designed to create movement without bounds. Jackets are inseparable from outdoor activities, and Moncler Grenoble offers you different options. For easy packing and layering, the Villair shell is infused with Grenoble’s high-performance essence, crafted from lightweight and durable polyester merged with a waterproof, windproof and breathable Gore-tex Paclite® membrane. Suited to more extreme outdoor activities is the high-performance waterproof Moirans shell jacket. Crafted in lightweight Gore-tex Pro, it features a fixed adjustable hood, underarm ventilation and a Recco® reflector on the left sleeve. 

Not a big fan of jackets? You’re gonna love these warm Hooded cardigans. They are a new tool for embracing warmth: Polartec® High Loft™ technology takes weight and warmth to the next level, and water-repellent nylon adds muscle to a brightly patched cardigan. Base layers serve as the base camp in the world of outdoor performance gear, which provides moisture-wicking, thermo-regulating and ultra-light.

Women’s outdoor adrenaline takes flight in cape shapes, thermo-regulating mid-layers and base layers crafted with Polartec® Power Grid™️ for versatile warmth when pushing it at the top. Shell jackets and trousers are crafted from durable polyester fused with Gore-tex Paclite® membrane for the right support whether hiking in the rain or making strides through the snow. Smart layers such as down-filled cardigans and inner suits of thermo-regulating sweats allow for a fully adaptive wardrobe for any mountain game.


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