Moncler Grenoble embodies the spirit of embracing the great outdoors throughout the year. The Pre-Fall 2023 collection showcases this ambition beautifully, offering lightweight layers suitable for both outdoor adventures and urban settings. 

This thoughtfully designed collection is perfect for those who want to explore nature before the snow arrives. It brings together Moncler’s expertise in construction, functional fabrics, and rich heritage, resulting in a range of top-quality essentials for outdoor enthusiasts. The collection features consistent motifs, textures, colors, and elements across both men’s and women’s themes, creating a unified and unique aesthetic.

For men, the collection showcases vibrant apple green and earthy khaki and brown shades, highlighting their functionality in outdoor apparel. Soft Polartec zippered fleeces, recycled GORE-TEX shell jackets, and coordinating trousers and shorts exhibit these colors. The popular Peyrus hooded jacket receives an abstracted topographic map design, adding a touch of intrigue to the gray Granges jacket and tech shorts. Graphic coordinates representing the collection’s French alpine inspiration, Grenoble, further emphasize its mountainous essence. Complementing the collection are practical accessories like backpacks, caps, and beanie hats, along with the signature Trailgrip technical sneaker receiving an updated colorway.

For women, bold design elements and exceptional functionality define the collection. Hot pink accents inject energy into a palette of elegant black, ivory and tan. Versatile pieces like packable windbreakers, trousers and shorts offer ultra-lightweight options, which can be paired with cozy teddy fleece, lightly-insulated gilets, micro-fleece base layers or practical leggings for added warmth. The Tetras jacket, crafted from the stretch cord in stone and ivory, features a camel buckle belt adorned with a high-vis coral carabiner and luxurious contrast lining. 

The Moncler Grenoble Pre-Fall 2023 collection will be available in select boutiques and on

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