Moncler’s Latest Genius Collection Is- Well, Genius

The ski brand approach to wrapping itself around current culture is back for the second year

Since taking over as Moncler’s CEO in 2003, Remo Ruffini has molded the brand to remain unkempt traditionally while adapting to the times. Technology and social media have thrust consumerism to a somewhat unhealthy need to have the best, the latest and the most gloat-worthy materialistic items to share and loop back to into the cycle of where they initially started- Online. Fashion has ultimately felt a distinction in the way this has affected how people buy clothes, but many long-established brands are reluctant to completely revamp their methods. Change can be, for many reasons, uncomfortable and intimidating. Ruffini, however, saw this as an inevitability in the industry and decided to launch Moncler Genius. 

The project is set to re-think the two-show-a-year model in fashion, that eventually leads to a seasonal distribution. Modern technology-based capsule ‘drops’ by varied designers multiple times a year is what the future, and currently, fashion needs according to Ruffini. “Moncler Genius is an answer to the times, a symposium of creative minds and an inspiring place,” he said. “Each genius operates singularly and the sum of the Geniuses interprets the Moncler identity. Different rooms house different visions all of them shaping the global Moncler message and the Moncler Genius building contains them all.”

Moncler Genius’s second collaboration includes familiar and new creatives working on the project, such as Richard Quinn, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Veronica Leoni, Sergio Zambon, Valextra, Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Palm Angels and others. Contrasting Quinn’s bold and bright colors with Rocha’s soft and feminine approach and an addition of Poldo Dog Couture all show how far Ruffini is willing to take versatility and how serious he is about the vision. The designers, too, are equally on board with the idea. “I am after a balance of dreaminess, extravagance and soulfulness. I involved Liya Kebede, who is an active supporter of African artisans with her label lemlem, in the process, creating something true to her, to Moncler and my own sensibility. Connecting diversities is my idea of inclusive creativity,” said Piccioli.

Each of these collections pictured below are to be released on the dates listed on the website and will be available in stores and online for a limited time.

Moncler Richard Quinn
Moncler Pierpaolo Piccioli
Moncler 1952
Moncler 1952
Moncler Grenoble
Moncler Simone Rocha
Moncler Craig Green
Moncler Alyx
Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara
Moncler Palm Angels
Moncler Poldo
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