Monopoly Joins the Game of Fashion in Collab with Morgan Lane

Wear Monopoly while you play Monopoly, it’s next level.

Luxury lingerie and sleepwear label Morgan Lane is bringing Monopoly to your nightly routine. Hasbro’s beloved family game night go-to is celebrating its 85th anniversary, with this limited release sleepwear collection delivering the perfect gift choices just ahead of the holidays. 

As we all spend a little more time at home than usual, especially over the next few months, Monopoly is a board game classic, good for bringing your family together as well as driving you all crazy. Hopefully, Monopoly pajamas will only bring you all closer together. 

Coming in various Monopoly-inspired prints and sleepwear styles, this Monopoly x Morgan Lane collection will help you go all out for board game nights and can even elevate your Zoom style. Morgan Lane designer Morgan Curtis found inspiration in core elements of the Monopoly game, from its logos to the game’s own symbols, bringing the game features we know and love to custom prints.

Drawing further inspiration from this extra-time at home during lockdown, Curtis is also hopeful that customers will develop warm memories around the game and its matching pajama sets this season.

This collection is a reminder of the fun we have with our friends and our family, with just a hint of nostalgia. We can also find excitement in this collection, keeping us optimistic about what’s next for us all as families, during our time at home, and even in the game! Whether you’re winning or losing on the board, Monopoly x Morgan Lane will ensure you have a good time through it all. 

In the words of the Monopoly Man, “Own it all!” With prices ranging from $98 to $248, you can find Monopoly x Morgan Lane pieces for family  and friends on and

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