MÔNOT’s Art Inspired Runway Show

A closer look at the MÔNOT runway show.

Paris Fashion Week ended this past weekend, saving one of the newest labels for last. MÔNOT, created in 2019 by Lebanese-American designer Eli Mizrahi, showed a thirty-one-piece collection of sparse, sexy looks on October 1st. The brand, recognized for its sex appeal has made the natural transition into swimwear. Like the rest of the brand’s pieces, the swimwear is minimal in color and features geometric cutouts and plunging necklines inspired by the minimalist art of the 1950s. The collection is intent on accentuating the female form. The brand also showed several denim looks, standing out from the remaining black evening wear looks. The addition of swimwear marks a time of expansion for MÔNOT as a growing young fashion label that intends to become a must-wear. Black leather and sheer organza played off each other in contrast to hard and delicate, adding texture and dimension to the otherwise uniform black fabric. 

A sculptural black leather corset top paired with elbow-length leather gloves and a low-rise black pencil skirt shows the designer’s strengths. The look is young, and sensual with just a nod to a classic silhouette, anchoring the ensemble in the romantic past of evening wear. The minimal styling of a freshly chopped bob and sheer tights with black pumps takes the brand’s ethos of minimalist occasionwear on trend with the form-accentuating black leather dresses and french-girl bob worn by Tiktokers and Instagram fashionistas. MÔNOT strives to offer favorably unique pieces to those who love to dress up and embrace their body. The label’s goal is to create couture-level clothing that expresses individuality. The show, while quite pretty and a solid performance for the fledgling brand did not seem to push the envelope in terms of form but did stay true to the brand’s exploration of the little black dress. 


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