Mônot’s Resort 2023 Collection Delicately Exudes The Energy Of Mother Nature

Eli Mizrahi’s latest collection highlights the essence of a truly ethereal woman.

Presented in the idyllic landscape of Cala Comte, Ibiza, Mônot exhibits their latest Resort 2023 Collection, celebrating a sublime projection of powerful femininity. With the aided evocative backdrop laden with natural, curved, geological rock formations, the Ibizan coastline and sunset calmly amplify the label’s offerings this season. The house’s creative director, Eli Mizrahi, stages an interplay of elements tied to Mother Nature and elaborates on the female form through geometric cutouts. 

For Mizrahi, born in Lebanon and moved to New York at the age of 13 as a political refugee, his passion for exploration has been a source of endless inspiration during the construction of his archetypal collections. For his evolution from creative consultant-turned-designer, his daring and authentic approach has only made him more sought after in the fashion world. Given that Mônot is a relatively new – but fast-growing- label, its composition of modern and timeless silhouettes at a contemporary price point makes it all the more profound.

Following their Fall Winter 2021 Collection, this season’s emphasis on divine feminine embodiment is visible in a “less is more way,” highlighting the essence of a truly ethereal woman. Mizrahi aims to create an intriguing novelty in tune with the energy of femininity and complement the curves of the human form from a refined lens. Taking center stage, never before exhibited within the Mônot-verse, is the involvement of two stand-out hues in pastel pantones of pink and yellow, reminiscent of an Ibizan sunset.

Through the intricacy of the flowy silk chiffon dresses, skirts, and micro bras, the garments lay delicately on the models emphasizing the female form in a natural and intuitive way. Staying true to the Mônot house ethos where garments are specially designed to clasp to the human form. 

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