Moose Knuckles x Eckhaus Latta Debut New Collab

The Masters of Textile

Partnering up for their second capsule collection—Canadian luxury outerwear brand Moose Knuckles, and American fashion label Eckhaus Latta, presents a 12-piece collection designed for visionaries. Founded in 2011, Eckhaus Latta made their name by their reinvention of textile understanding. The experimental brand, alongside Moose Knuckles expertise in craftsmanship provides a framework for the heroic Fall/Winter collection.

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The classic silhouettes of Moose Knuckles are reimagined through the lens of Eckhaus Latta, creating looser, exaggerated forms. Furthermore, the 12 piece collection features 8 alternative styles including the bestselling Bunny Hoodie. Available in a refined neutral palette of Egret White, Coconut Milk and Beluga Black—The capsule collection is designed with hyper-light material to ensure natural mobility.


We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Mike and Zoe—true visionaries who inspire us with their craft, innovation, dynamic personalities, and respect for the community. We share their ethos, as bold cultural design innovators that strive to push forward fearless yet functionable fashion. Together, we reimagined our classic, iconic Moose Knuckles styles in new and inspiring ways, using techniques we haven’t used before. They’ve really helped us further our artistic and technical exploration in design.” — Ayal Twik, Chief Marketing Officer of Moose Knuckles.




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