Moroccan Artist ABIR Ignites a Fire in New Song “Inferno”

“Heat’s really got you burning up all night”

Moroccan Artist ABIR is definitely making the temperature rise with her new song “Inferno,” which is apart of her EP “HEAT” and just dropped on July 9. 

The video was impeccably shot in a desert in Marrakesh, beautifully and authentically capturing ABIR’s Moroccan heritage. “Inferno’s” infectious melody combined with the traditional beats from North Africa matches perfectly with her powerful vocals and fierce lyrics. There’s no doubt the singer plays the heartbreaker in this scenario as she sings, “Always running from the fire I’m starting and just when I’m about to say we can’t go on.”

Not only does the singer seduce listeners with her voice, but ABIR definitely showcases strength and fearlessness as an Arab-American Muslim woman in the music industry. “As an Arab-American, born in Morocco and growing up in the US, I’ve always found myself living a double identity — the East vs. West push and pull of both cultures,” she shared exclusively with V. “As an artist, my mission is to explore that duality by disrupting and challenging the stereotypes and narratives of Arab Muslim women in today’s world.”

The 26-year-old musician is certainly on the rise, with hit songs like “Tango” and “Young & Rude.” Since the launch of her career a few years back, she also has over 200 million global streams from her gold-certified record “Finest Hour” and has since collaborated with acclaimed producer Illmind, rapper Fabolous, musician Masego, and more. 

“’Inferno’ is the first single from my upcoming EP, HEAT, which is a celebration of my Moroccan heritage,” the artist explained. “I shot the ‘Inferno’ music video in Marrakesh with an all Arab cast and crew, just a few days before the world shut down. I still have to pinch myself every time I watch it and thank God for allowing me the privilege to create in my homeland.”

Keep an eye out for ABIR as she takes the music world by storm. You can now watch “Inferno” below!

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