Moschino’s Ready To Wear “Showcase Showdown” in Milan

Moschino unveiled a fury of unmistakable luxury and campy show-stoppers to the tune of American gameshows.

The Price Is Right has remained an American daytime TV fixture for the last five decades, propelling price-savvy contestants inches closer to their opulent dreams with extravagant prizes. This Moschino show from Jeremy Scott felt like a portal into the gameshow’s “Showcase Showdown”, but instead of exotic cars and Mediterranean vacations, we were offered the beauty and luxury of the models walking down the runway.

Backed by a set inspired by American gameshows, red Ferrari included, the show was an homage to the leading ladies usually presenting TV contestants’ earnings. This time, however, they were the ones being presented, showing off crystalized dresses, track suits covered in everyday product labels and coats emblazoned with Price Is Right iconography. The show was an amalgam of gold, faux fur and leather, epitomizing commercial glamor in a mass-production of sumptuous eye-candy. Some looks were made entirely out of “money”, including a pant suit, faux fur coat combination covered from head-to-toe in bank note ornamentation. Reviewing this collection would be incomplete without mentioning the last look: a drastically broad-shouldered cape, draped in a meat, potatoes and vegetable medley dinner you might find in your grocer’s frozen food aisle.

Jeremy Scott shot us through a time loop; the show was an escape from the consistent air of dread we occupy into a campy late 20th century fever dream with a walking TV dinner finale. Rife in jewels, evening gloves and big hair, the women parading down the runway looked powerful, aware of their monopoly on elegance. The show had great breadth, offering options for afternoon ensembles and late-night evening wear, but retained the notion of looking like the most expensive thing in any room throughout. Moschino left us feeling like the price is always right to look that good.

See the looks below.

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