What do the collapse-able Motorola phones, Grammy award-winning Kim Petras, and Cirque du Soleil all have in common? 

An event collaboration for the launch of the new razr+ phone, which is reintroducing the beloved pink design for the first time since the early 2000s. Alongside announcing the launch of the new razr+, the event aimed to showcase the seamless integration of technology, entertainment, art, and pop culture.

Photography by Craig Barritt (Courtesy of Getty Images for Motorola)

The night kicked off with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind show from the iconic Cirque du Soleil. Inspired by the new Motorola phone, the mind-bending performance complemented the reveal of the bendable razr+, with a phone-infused act. 

The new Motorola razr+ has an “ultra pocketable” design and is considered the thinnest flippable smartphone in the industry when flipped closed. Users are able to stand the device completely on its own at multiple angles. Alongside its abilities when opened as a normal phone, the razr+ has many of the same features on the external screen when closed, such as texting, playing games, using Spotify, and watching videos.

Courtesy of Motorola

Following the Cirque du Soleil performance and razr+ reveal, guests were escorted to the main space where they were able to engage with backdrops and props to match each of the colors of the new Motorola razr+. Surprised by an intimate performance from Kim Petras, the guests remained on the dance floor throughout the night, celebrating the upcoming release of the razr+ phone.

Photography by Craig Barritt (Courtesy of Getty Images for Motorola)
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