MSFTSrep’s Fall/Winter ’21 Collection Is Elevating Youth Streetwear

Under creative director Jaden Smith, “Untitled” merges contemporary styles and graphic designs with timeless pieces.

Where youth style and skate subculture intersect, MSFTSrep is pioneering a hybrid niche in fashion, fusing contemporary looks with an alternative lifestyle.


Jaden Smith, cofounder and creative director of MSFTSrep, announced “Untitled” earlier this week, the fall/winter 2021 ready-to-wear collection from the beloved label. Captured in the collection is the untameable spirit of today’s youth, a vibrant charisma and free spirit reflected back in impeccable tailoring, casual skate styles and modern graphics.



Focusing on three signature styles—a tailored suit, hoodie dress and snowsuit set—, the “Untitled” collection brings together edgy rebellion and classic, chic silhouettes. Workwear and streetwear find a place to coexist across garments referencing both skate culture and a dynamic in-and-out lifestyle, creating a collection at once versatile and nuanced, unquestionably made for modern youth.


Alongside Smith, cofounders Moises Arias and ¿Téo? pulled influences for their creative process from their studies of photography, science and history textbooks. The result: a showstopping range of looks connecting reality with a higher consciousness, fusing art and science into the high art of fashion, bred with the carefree Calabasas lifestyle ingrained in the very DNA of each garment. 



Looks from the collection are complex creations, a meeting point between streetwear and elevated, tailored pieces. The suit, for example, was created not to be worn in a professional setting, but whilst skating; with a relaxed silhouette and contrasting white graphics, it screams too cool for school, anyway. The long hoodie dress merges formal and informal, while the snowsuit brings MSFTrep’s punk, edgy aesthetic to the pristine snow slopes, a must-have accessory for skiing, one of the most “ultimate expressions and experiences” according to Smith.


Also featured in the collection are every day staples for the season—a sweater vest with the MSFTSrep logo, a long coat with a graphic splattered across the back, beanies and short skirts, puffer jackets and button-downs with handprint graphics. 



MSFTSrep is making collected look cool and streetwear sophisticated. Shop the collection at and at Selfridges locations worldwide in early October.

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