MSGM Debuts a Manifesto of Life For Fall/Winter ’21

The Milanese label combined bright colors and bold fabrics for a vivid, vibrant collection.

Borne from a love of life, a love of Milan, a love of genderless expression is MSGM’s Manifesto, a Fall/Winter ‘21 thesis collection where truth and creation converge.


The Manifesto breathes newness, life reborn into something bold and imaginative. The ready-to-wear collection’s digital launch witnesses models clad in shiny fabrics and bold pops of color walking backwards through a hallway, up the stairs; distortion in the mirror and through a fish-eye lens, a voice all the while reminding us of the present that is fueled by Milano, captured by MSGM in the vision of Massimo Giorgetti. 


A vibrant and eclectic yet cohesive collection, slick, rubberized black underlies the looks spanning the Manifesto, accompanied by hints of violent fuschia, electric blue, vivid pink, seafoam green and bright lilac. Texture, form and cuts awaken the senses, a riveting evocation of elevated everyday wear. 


MSGM brings a collection that is not made to merely be lived in—it is made to live life to the fullest in. A colorful vision of contemporary edginess, every garment is designed with attention to detail, sleek, sharp cuts contrasting bulky silhouettes, skin-tight fabrics paired with oversized and exaggerated embellishments. 


Standout pieces include a white blouse with an oversized ruffle collar; a chocolate leather suit, straight-cut and elegant; a whimsical graphic body-con dress with abstract stripes of blue and lime over a lilac base; and a sheer black coat dress with a flowing silhouette, made with shiny, slick fabric.


Enter the slideshow below to view pieces from Manifesto, and shop MSGM here.

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