MSGM Releases ‘Fantastic Green’ Collection

As founder Massimo Giorgetti writes, “our silent revolution begins”.

Spring/Summer 2021 collections have seen a return to more artistinal techniques, a change of pace brought on by the ongoing pandemic. There’s an overwhelming urge to slow down, to create work steeped in the nuance of altered production. For many, there’s a chance to make such alterations more permanent as we (eventually) lessen restrictions. 

MSGM certainly knows to look forward, as they affirm in their Instagram bio: “Never Look Back, It’s All Ahead.” And they’re looking through a green lens: the MSGM vision of futurity is an entirely sustainable one, as seen in the recently released ‘Fantastic Green’ collection.

There’s a variety of pastel hues and graphics, photographed in an outdoor setting. They’re quite photogenic; though, to leave a description there would be a gross misrepresentation of the intention. The collection, as printed on the back of a piece, is meant for “those who have the courage to change. To go beyond circumstances, beyond the present.” 

Those circumstances, of the present, are indeed suboptimal (at best). The work of creatives is essential in reimagining ways of being, altogether more harmonious and sustainable. 

After all, “non so dove, ma insieme” (I don’t know where, but together). Join the ‘silent revolution’ here, and check out a few of the looks from the collection below:

(MSGM ‘Fantastic Green’ Crewneck)

(MSGM Future: “For those who have the courage to change. To go beyond circumstances, beyond the present.”)

(MSGM Future hoodie, in blue)

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