Multimedia Artist Lyle XOX Keeps Creation Alive Amid Social Distancing

A celebration of the interpretation of the mask.

Multimedia artist Lyle XOX, who was featured in V124’s Head Shots for his elaborate masks, has done it again in the midst of a global pandemic, further proving creativity can exist and thrive amid limitations. In a letter included with the self-portrait and mask, he wrote:

Here is the final product from Art in the time of Corona…

I spent many hours going through each copy of V that was sent to take pages that told a similar color story as well as quotes and specific words that resonated with me. A partial quote from Lady Gaga was particularly poignant to me, and so I felt it needed its place in the piece.

She stated in one of her interviews “…help us return to where we really are, no matter how lost…”

The pieces that are not magazine are items that were given to me from dear friends on my last social outings before social distancing became part of our lives.  And lastly, the dried rose (wrapped with pages from V) was from a bouquet from FKA Twigs after working with her (the last editorial work before Corona).

This piece will forever be important to me as it marks a time in our lives where we all were united and are finding a new way to speak and share our creative voice.

With much love,

Lyle XOX

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