MUSIC INDEX 2019, VOL. I: Rico Nasty

Get to know Rico Nasty, the Forbes 30 Under 30-crowned musician and ‘Smack A Bitch’ songstress who graces the pages of V119, our Music Issue.

The Music Index featuring Rico Nasty first appears in V119, our Music Issue featuring Lizzo. V119 is available for sale!

Genre: Hip-hop, punk, rap

Proof of clout: Forbes 30 Under30 2019 “Music” category; over 40 million YouTube views; walked in Gyspy Sport’s Fall 2019 show

Top track: “Smack A Bitch”

“I think my sound is very loud. I want other people to describe it as a form of therapy–therapeutic music, a form of release to them. I feel like everything is the way that it’s meant to be. I’ve always wanted to dress like this, and I’ve always wanted my music to have the edge, the twist to it. Whenever comparisons get too crazy I just think about my goals, and what I want from myself. I don’t look at any references. I don’t look at anything for who I should be.”

Rico Nasty Music Issue V119
Rico Nasty in the Music Issue, V119
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