Must Have Summer Sweet-Treats

Must Have Summer Sweet-Treats

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Must Have Summer Sweet-Treats

Whether it's a candy exploding cake or a Kate Spade satchel, V has your go-to guide for all of your sweet treat summer needs. Check out our sugar high worthy fixes below!

Whether it's a candy exploding cake or a Kate Spade satchel, V has your go-to guide for all of your sweet treat summer needs. Check out our sugar high worthy fixes below!

Text: AJ Longabaugh

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer, $34

Two questions. One: Do you follow Bella Hadid on Instagram? Don't lie to me, we all do. Now two: Are you trying to achieve that Bella Hadid lip, but it's just not happening the way you hoped? As the face of Dior Beauty, Bella continues to turn face and stun with her wide range of looks and staple makeup choices. Get over to your nearest department store and snag yourself a tube of Dior's Addict Lip Maximizer and you won't even believe the incredible difference in color, shine, and lifespan after application. Any questions? No? Ok. Get out there and make this summer's selfies your best yet.

Flour Shop's Explosion Cake, $150

Founded by Amriah Kassem, Soho's Flour Shop is your go to destination for the sweetest (edible) treat of the summer and the fall, and the spring and... the winter. Her creations range from her staple 'Explosion Cake' to 'Hamburger' cakes to 'Cara the Unicorn' cakes. Kassem has created a space that proudly embraces, "unicorns, pizza, cake, dreams, glitter, burgers, rainbows, ice-cream, sprinkles, bubbles, smiles, cotton candy, donuts, sparkles, stuffed animals, imagination, Saturday morning cartoons, jumping and long walks on the beach." Hop on over to Flour Shop located at 177 Layfayette St. and get your sugar high on fleek!

cameron street candance satchel by kate spade, $378

Looking for the perfect bag for the last half of summer, but one that will also compliment the beginning of fall. Kate Spade has you covered. The 'cameron street candance satchel' combines classic shape with detailed functionality and is perfect for any and all occasions. Available in 3 colorways (black, warm vellum, and tusk), this multi-zippered, clean-lined satchel goes perfect with a bright sundress or dark skinny jean which in my opinion, means this bag simply can't be beat.

A Pair of Graphic Moschino Heels, $348 (SALE PRICE)

There are plenty of summer nights in that city that are better off spent indoors, only for the sake of survival with every New Yorker's best friend: the A/C. But those nights where the dance floor is calling or an entire bottle of rosé has asked you out on a date, a funky, unpredictable heel is definitely a must have. On a budget? Moschino is currently having a steal of sale and these graphic heels are the perfect reason to dip into your next paycheck and slide these on for a night on the town. Seriously. What are waiting for?

Fendi Fruits Charm, $770

Ok, so I cannot and will not deny my truth (and it's the only truth tbh) that indeed less is more, but like... the Summer of 2018 is all about being extra af. Fendi has all of your extra needs with a large range of fur charms that includes the cute yet chic Fendi Fruits Charm. Shaped like a strawberry and dyed the perfect hue of pink, these charms look good on bags, key rings, suitcases, jackets, and basically anything that you clip it onto. Also available in blue and yellow, this charm is your summer's perfect accessory fix.


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