Myd and Mac DeMarco Drop New Single ‘Moving Men’: Watch Here

The song will be featured on Myd’s upcoming debut album in 2021.

Cover Photo by Alice Moitié

At first glance, French dance producer Myd and indie rock artist Mac DeMarco don’t seem like a pairing you’d expect to see. In fact, the two can best be described as polar opposites. Myd’s feel – good house music contrasts that of Mac DeMarco, who’s music is more laid back, incorporating synthesizers and guitars to make what he describes as “jizz jazz”. 

But the two have actually been friends for a while now. They met backstage at a Mac’s Paris show, having long admired each other’s music. Now, the two have decided to join forces to record their first ever collaboration, “Moving Men”. 

The song was recorded in LA this past February while Myd filmed the video for Together We Stand. It features a cartoon Mac and Myd smoking weed, participating in crazy antics, and doing anything but being actual delivery men. 

“I met Myd in Paris a couple years ago, then when he was in Los Angeles he came over one night and we wrote this song about moving men,” said DeMarco in a statement. “He reminds me of some kind of bird, I like this guy.”

DeMarco was originally set to play a role as a cop in Myd’s recent “Together We Stand” video, but production for the video was cut short due to the Black Lives Matter protests.While in LA to shoot the video, Myd was sent to DeMarco to deliver a metallic convertible from Justice’s “Fire” video, and the two began talking about the idea for “Moving Men” there. 

Myd will drop his debut album sometime in early 2021, which will include “Moving Men”. The news follows his previous single, “Together We Stand” which was released back in June. It will also be featured in the upcoming album. 

You can watch the official music video for “Moving Men” below: 



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