Nail Fall with These Seven Nail Trends

Put your best hand forward with these fall nail polish trends.

Fall’s nail trends seem to be following summer’s trends, with some (ahem, Hailey Bieber nails) here to stay even as the seasons change. With dark, moody, and muted colors taking over, there are some fun color combinations you can try while stying on-trend.

Take a look at our seven forecasted fall trends, and see how you can follow suit.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Image via Tammy Taylor.

Elvis’s impact. Celebrity manicurist Tammy Taylor (Billie Eilish, etc.) predicts that Rock ‘n’ Roll will be the theme for fall nails, from dark colors to animal print patterns. “Heavily influenced by the rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic: music, fashion, leather, animal print, and tattoos, this trend is here to stay, she says. Get the look at home with magenta, grey, or dark blue hues.

Wild West

Image via Tammy Taylor.

Taylor also predicts that effortlessly cool western-inspired nails will have a big moment this fall, with muted neutral colors, high-shine finishes, and paisley patterns taking over at nail salons.

Dark and Stormy

Image via Olive & June.

Dark hues are usually in for fall, but this year, black nails will be in-vogue in a chic, city-girl way, not a punk way.


Image via Zola Ganzorigt.

Listen, the Hailey Bieber “Glazed Donut” nails are so versatile and flattering, the trend is here for the long-haul. You can get the look at home for less with the Nails. INC Vegan Nail Illuminator.

Cool Chrome 

Image via Zola Ganzorigt.

This is the “Glazed Donut” look repurposed for fall. With a dark base and a shiny, jewel-toned chrome top, these nails are perfect for colder months. Use any dark base and chrome powder.

Glitter Girls 

Image via Target.

A step up from chrome looks, another forecasted fall nail trend is full-on glitter nails. Experiment with glitter tips or sparkly designs, or commit to the glitz and glam of a fully done nail. Try this silver Essie version, or go for colored glitter.

Green Screen 

Image via Static Nails.

Jewel-toned green nails are the fall version of summer’s light pink: they are simple, cute, and can surprisingly go with any outfit. Dark forest green and money green will be especially popular this fall. Try a press on nail kit for an easy and cheap way to try a fun color.

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