NAKED Cashmere x Dr. Barbara Sturm Collab Is A Minimalist Dream Come True

*Adds to bag.*

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that comfort and self-care become essential when times get tough. While some people might take to de-cluttering and meditation on an especially stressful day, others will find themselves going for a soothing bubble bath and a glass of wine (for those of age) to unwind. To offer you an extra layer of comfort while you’re taking care of yourself in the comfort of your home, NAKED Cashmere has partnered with the renowned German aesthetics doctor and skin treatment expert Dr. Barbara Sturm to create a four-piece capsule collection of summer-appropriate cashmere essentials designed to be worn comfortably against bare skin.

For Dr. Barbara Sturm, this launch comes together with the brand’s latest intimate skincare innovations, the V WASH and V DROPS, which were formulated to prevent and mitigate the imbalances of the microbiome and pH levels of the intimate feminine area. “Leslie [Gifford] is the mother of cashmere, she presents us the most amazing options for [being] at home and just feeling good,” Dr. Sturm said in the campaign video. “And because Dr. Barbara Sturm is also launching its V collection, […] a cozy outfit is required.”

Courtesy of NAKED Cashmere x Dr. Barbara Sturm

In addition to these intimate care products, the range includes comfort-forward cashmere loungewear items like the versatile Giselle bralette, the high-waist Claudette Bottom, and the cozy, layering-friendly Makena cardigan. The final item in this collection is an unexpected accessory — the Helen hot water bottle, perfect for those days when you need to soothe those pesky cramps or simply want to unwind but don’t have the time or energy to make yourself a bubble bath.

Check out the campaign video for the collaborative project between two female-founded brands below — and shop the collection now on and

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