Naomi Campbell Will Not be Held Hostage by her Past

The supermodel responds to the Daily Mail’s scandalous article.

Following the publication of Daily Mail‘s attempted character assassination of her, Naomi Campbell has taken to her YouTube channel to set the record straight. Campbell felt the article, which presented various accounts of acquaintances she’s made over the years, was not quality journalism, as it did not give her the opportunity to comment or respond.

Campbell opens the video by stating that she’s always said that she is “not a saint,” that she is “a work in progress,” but goes on to say that she refuses to be held hostage by her past. The article reads like a list of every person Campbell has met or been photographed with. While it is disguised as a reminder of her past as she is about to win a humanitarian award for her part in creating Fashion For Relief, Campbell makes it very clear that it is character assassination.  It features the model posing with the likes of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jefferey Epstein’s friend and alleged participant in his illegal activities, Gaston and Kathrin Glock, described by the Mail as gun-pushing billionaires, as well as high-profile celebrities like Mike Tyson, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein.

This begs the question, should anyone who has been photographed with these individuals be held accountable for their crimes? As Campbell mentions in her statement video, over her long career, she’s brushed shoulders with countless people. As the video draws to a close, a message from Campbell appears on the screen, reading:

The frightening conclusion here is that if the negative action of your neighbor, colleague or even an associate can somehow make you guilty too, simply by association, then we indeed live in very worrying times.”

Still, the model specifies that she is not criticizing journalism, as she shares that she admires great journalism that asks the difficult questions. The problem with the mail article, according to her, is that it demonstrated a very one-sided approach to reporting.

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