Nasty Cherry Drops New Track “Shoulda Known Better”

The badass all-girl band gives V the scoop on their new single, 2000’s inspirations, and working under Charli XCX’s wing.

Some may know pop-rock girl gang Nasty Cherry through their 2019 Netflix documentary series I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry, which followed the four members on their journey from strangers to band with Charli XCX’s guidance. Others know Nasty Cherry from their unapologetic lyrics and stellar jam skills; the band’s debut EP Season 1 being a prime example.

Their next EP is due out this summer, but on today, April 24th Nasty Cherry released the first taste of what’s to come with a single titled “Shoulda Known Better” via Vroom Vroom Recordings. V spoke to lead singer Gabbriette about the new track, the band’s 2000’s inspirations, and what the future holds for the four girls who are putting their own flavor into rock ‘n roll.

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Gabbriette Bechtel is the lead vocalist of Nasty Cherry, with Chloe Chaidez on guitar, Georgia Somary playing bass, and Debbie Knox-Hewson behind the drum set. When asked about how “Shoulda Known Better” came to be, Gabbriette alluded to the track’s self-explanatory nature.

I’m pretty sure that day I came in with Demi Lovato’s ‘Don’t Forget’ stuck in my head, and we had all just listened to Garbage’s album ‘Garbage’ together,” she said. “The song really speaks for itself… we’ve all had those ‘uh-oh’ moments of ‘Fuck, I shoulda known better man,’ But it makes life fun. We’re complaining in love.”

With the track’s cover art channeling the 2000s as Nasty Cherry sports the era’s infamous cheetah print flares, pin-straight pink hair, and bedazzled muscle t-shirts, they fully embrace their pop side but stay grounded in their love of girl-powered rock bands like the Runaways and Kittie. “Exploring the different levels of pop girl bandness and fucking around really gets us going,” Gabbriette said. “Over the top and unapologetic ya know?”

“All the fashion from the early 2000s is the shit… low rise pants, little hats, platform sandals. The music videos during that time… Kylie Minogue, Lil Kim, Madonna’s ‘Erotica.’ Yeah,” the vocalist said.

Courtesy Warner Music

Nasty Cherry plays by their own rules, and as Bechtel tells V, their upcoming EP riffs off of that notion. The band has been working with new producers, finding a sense of freedom in writing and “just making whatever comes out of us that day,” Gabbriette said. “We’ve been writing so much together and sitting on this unreleased pile of sweetness… so finally getting to share it will be exciting.”

In their documentary series, I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry, the band was formed through pop music’s chart-topper Charli XCX. The series unraveled Nasty Cherry’s genesis, from Charli setting them up in the studio and signing them with her Vroom Vroom Recordings label, to Nasty Cherry ultimately playing packed live shows. “Shit, don’t think there’s a better spot to be than under Charli’s wing, having someone like her to motivate us,” Gabbriette said of the band’s label.

The world got an unabashed view into the quick rise of Nasty Cherry in the Netflix series, but the ups of their journey outweighed the downs. “The most impactful aspect of filming the documentary was how close we got in such a short period of time… eating, playing music, sleeping, arguing together within 6 months of knowing each other. Learning the ins and outs of all that band shit with Charli too,” said Bechtel.

Gabbriette also talked about how much the band yearned to perform live in their earlier aughts. “It’s the best… that’s what we waited for the entire time we were filming and writing for our first EP. SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS,” she said. “It’s so weird to finally be on stage, we all laugh our asses off that it’s really happening now, tours and that people even show up. Dream come true. We want everyone to have as much fun as we are.”

But with live music continuing to shutter in the face of COVID-19, as concerts around the world are being cancelled, Nasty Cherry might have to wait a bit until they can tour with their upcoming EP. “Of course we’d love to play more as soon as we can but are taking precautions as everyone else should be during this time,” Bechtel said.

With the way Nasty Cherry rolls, they’re finding the silver lining of that setback and sticking by each other’s sides. “We’re rolling out some new music for you and maybe videos?? We chat everyday and keep each other’s spirits up by sending music or new lyrics and inspiration. In it together.”

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