Natalie Portman and Yara Shahidi Star in New Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick Campaign

Dior Makeup enters a new chapter with 22 new lipstick shades.

An icon of Dior Makeup, Rouge Dior lipstick enters a new era for Rouge Dior Forever. Under the guidance of Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, the new line combines easy bullet application with extreme long wear. No transfer and comfort come together to create the clean formula for Rouge Dior Forever.

Rouge Dior Forever upholds the house’s wish to “dress women’s smiles for every occasion”. The vibrant shades of each lipstick stay on the lips, preventing any marks on clothing or skin. To achieve this no-transfer quality, the experts in the Dior laboratories mixed high-performance complementary ingredients. These ingredients allow the lipsticks to have uniform color and adherence without compromising the natural softness of the lips themselves. To ensure easy application and color setting, the house uses oils that evaporate quickly.

Hints of Dior himself find their way into the color composition with red peony extract. Rouge Dior Forever is twice as concentrated in the extract, preserving the lips’ natural hydration and ensuring true radiance. All shades have an incredibly soft, matte finish, allowing for a long-lasting and weightless feel. Rouge Dior Forever meets all the challenges of the modern beauty world with a clean and natural formula.

For the colors, the collection range from subtle nudes to saturated reds. The 22-shade range adheres to every desire, style, and tone one might want. The star red shade of the collection is 999 Forever Dior. It takes its triple 9 from the first two lipsticks launched by Christian Dior, numbers 9 and 99. It’s the ultimate shade of bright red that everyone needs in their collection.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is 100 Forever Nude Look. This shade is a reinvention of the 1947 New Look greige, Dior’s perfect combination of gray and beige. This nude is contemporary and classic, a shade that will never go out of style. Philips has made this classic available in 4 intensities for different skin tones: 100 Forever Nude Look, 200 Forever Nude Touch, 300 Forever Nude Style, and 400 Forever Nude Line.

As a color artist, Philips experimented with every facet of the color signature and created 5 unexpected shades for the collection. 111 Forever Night, 825 Forever Unapologetic, 442 Forever Daring, 742 Forever Confident, and 231 Forever Tender take inspiration from a variety of pure pigments. Carbon, earth, brick, red ochre, and warm sand help create the color palette for these shades.

For the campaign, Philips and Dior focus on the modern heroine. The Rouge Dior woman celebrates female strengths and power. Rouge Dior Forever chooses Natalie Portman and Yara Shahidi to share their message of empowerment and sisterhood for the new campaign. As an actress who inspires women everywhere, Portman radiates a joyous feminity that others look up to. As a rising star in America, Shahidi has been outspoken about global issues and has worked for multiple causes since the beginning of her career. She shares a desire for equality, empowerment, and peace that many find admirable and inspirational.

Vivane Sassen captures the femininity, liberty, and energy of both actresses in the new images of the campaign. Sassen focuses on how the lipstick illuminates Portman and Shahidi, giving it a new form of self-expression. Director Arnaud Uyttenhove and choreographer Madeline Hollander pose and dress the women in ways that always color to fly and for femininity to shine through.

Philips perfectly captures the essence of the new collection, saying: “Rouge Dior Forever, these three words almost sound like a manifesto. And in a way they are. This new generation of Dior lipsticks is loud when it has to be loud, and discreet when wanted and for sure, always beautiful.”

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