Nation of Language’s Aidan Noell Releases “Sharevari”

With feature from Nancy Whang, the musician ushers in her third solo release.

Today is cause for celebration. Aidan Noell (from the cult-favorite Nation of Language) releases a new single that pays homage to a vintage, 1981 Detroit techno track. Inspired by the A Number of Names’ song that first launched the genre, Aidan reinterprets it here to launch it into a new generation. Complete with thrilling beats and infectious hooks, the single, aptly titled, “Sharevari” bursts with energy. And for the track’s transfixing beats, Aidan hit up LCD Soundsytem’s very own Nancy Whang. Together the pair create a sonic wonderland you’ll want to hear for yourself. 

“Making this song became about being someone else for a little while,” she shares with fans. “At a time when everything around us is difficult and grating and extremely real, for these six minutes I indulge in a total fantasy – an alternate universe, both of the past and future, that’s mysterious and sexy and fun. Inhabiting that world as a character who is unaffected and cool was a brief and welcome respite for me, and I hope that listening to it can transport others to that place as well.”

The artist has had quite a busy year already–selling out gigs across the US, UK and Europe, including a headline show at NYC’s Webster Hall. But no worries if you missed the artist and the rest of the band–as you’ll have a chance to see them live for yourself. Nation of Language set to perform at Austin City Limits, Desert Daze, Pitchfork Berlin, and Pitchfork Paris this fall. For more information on their upcoming events, click here. 

Stream “Sharevari” below.

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