NEON Drops The Teaser for Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana Biopic ‘Spencer’ And It Is EVERYTHING!

The trailer for the new Princess Diana biopic Spencer is a haunting portrayal of the beloved royal’s anguish, and superstar Kristen Stewart brings Lady Di to life on screen with a precision that’s both chilling and exciting.

The new teaser trailer for Neon’s biopic on the dearly venerated Princess Diana, Spencer, has fans rabid with excitement. Spencer is a chilling look at Lady Di’s anguish behind the scenes at the height of her reign. 


The teaser has many fans excited for Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of the Princess of Wales. This is probably Stewart’s biggest role to date, and it definitely seems like a film that’s gunning for a few Oscar nominations. It’s a hefty role––but also one that Stewart seems totally prepared to take on. In the teaser, Stewart seems to completely embody Princess Diana, but not the Princess that the public knew. There is no light-heartedness in this portrayal. Instead, we see the reality of the pain that the late Lady Di endured at the hands of the royal family. 

Image courtesy of Neon and Topic Pictures

Director Pablo Larraín, who also directed the Jackie biopic exploring the life of Jackie Onassis Kennedy, seems ready to bring all of Princess Diana’s deep-seated anguish in her worst days on Earth. The teaser shows all of the sides of Lady Di’s pain––it cuts between multiple shots of the Princess crying, passed out, and distraught at the amount of attention she’s received from the press. It also peers into what life was like for the Princess while behind the walls of the Sandringham Estate, cutting between shots of sterilized familial interactions and almost-too-perfect poses for family photos. 


The visuals are stunning, featuring a slowed down chorus of children singing Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day,” which gives the song a brand-new melancholic tinge that perfectly captures the gravity of the final days of Princess Diana and her ex-husband’s marriage. 


It is important to note that this look at the Princess’s life does not aim to tell the entire story of Lady Di’s life. Instead, it aims to capture the essence of her life and experiences with the royal family. The official synopsis states that the movie will focus on the familial dynamics of Princess Diana and her husband, Prince Charles, after their marriage “has long since gone cold.” It is an intimate look at the interactions between Lady Di and her ex, “three days of eating and drinking, shooting and hunting,” amid “rumors of affairs and a divorce.”  Neon describes the film as an “imagining of what might have happened” in the last days of the pair’s tumultuous relationship. 

Image courtesy of Neon and Topic Pictures

The teaser is a suspenseful and haunting look at the realities of Princess Diana’s life under the control of the royal family, which was filled with tragedies and personal turmoil. The highly anticipated film is set to release in theaters this November. Check out the trailer for the film below.



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