New AirPods Dropping Soon

AirPods Pro Lite?

New AirPods coming soon, what can we expect? 

Last year in October, AirPods got an upgrade with a new design. The AirPods Pro offers a great noise-canceling feature with the option of choosing from three different sizes for better fit. Although the upgrade has been received well, the price on the other hand is not as pretty. Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, tweeted this past weekend that new AirPods are coming. Rumors suggest that Apple may be expanding the price range and giving buyers a more affordable version to choose from. 



An official date has not yet been announced, but we do know that the new AirPods will be released next month alongside the MacBook Pro. Forbes predicts that this new version will strip out the noise-canceling feature and leave the three ear tip sizes to bring down the price without compromising the sound quality. “Although there are no more details forthcoming yet, my guess is that the new AirPods will have the same design as the current Pro model, with that customizable fit but without noise-canceling.”

There are other rumors that suggest a premium version. Nothing is for sure, just speculation, but we can expect a release soon.

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