Designer Spotlight: Nikki Chasin

Designer Spotlight: Nikki Chasin

Designer Spotlight: Nikki Chasin

In a new column for V, Mathias Rosenzweig highlights up-and-coming designers to know now. First up? Miley Cyrus-favorite Nikki Chasin

In a new column for V, Mathias Rosenzweig highlights up-and-coming designers to know now. First up? Miley Cyrus-favorite Nikki Chasin


Contemporary designer Nikki Chasin’s cultural pallet stems from feverish Tumblr binges, '90s teen dramas, and a colorful upbringing in Miami, Florida. Most recently, the Parsons graduate found inspiration within the irony of author Renata Adler’s Speedboat for her Spring 2016 collection, with the narrative focusing on “a comic or wry apprehension of life’s absurdities.” We see a good amount of hand loomed silk plaids paired with sheer striped mesh and custom embroideries, brought to life through tropical prints that give a nautical and lively vibe to Chasin’s more practical pieces, which include trench coats, trousers, and charming button downs. Currently based out of New York, Chasin mixes the colors of her upbringing with the sleekness of today’s urban jungle, resulting in a sportswear collection that seems to boast a cheerful and quirky disposition regardless of grey skies. For the first installment of our weekly designer spotlight, we spoke to Chasin about originality, the Met Gala, and her various inspirations.

 What makes your line unique from others? 

There's an emphasis on texture and color at the heart of my line. I work closely with textile mills to develop unique weaves and patterns that are custom to my collection and can't be found elsewhere.

Which movie has the best fashion and why? 

10 Things I Hate About You. The silhouette for my Kit Crop Top and Chase Classic Fete Skirt were inspired by the prom scene.

Who is the most exciting person to you that's worn your line? 

Miley Cyrus!

Miley Cyrus in the Captain Reversible Bomber Jacket by Nikki Chasin. Image via Instagram (@mileycyrus)

What temporary fashion trend do you think will look the most embarrassing in the future? 

Athleisure I hope.

What's your favorite city to shop in? 


Why do you feel that fashion is important on top of being fun? 

It's a form of communication—you can express yourself and make a point without saying a word.

Do you consider fashion to be art? 


Favorite looks from the Met Gala? 

Wiz Khalifa in Rag and Bone, Solange Knowles in David LaPort, and Suzy Menkes holding two tiny purses.

How has Miami influenced your fashion sense? 

There's an underlying resort mood in every collection, regardless of season. I love to play with color, and I love to wear and design all white looks—that definitely comes from Miami. A New Yorker recently asked me if I wear all white for religious purposes.

How do you think the fashion industry compares to others?

It's feels very small, and every aspect is so connected—from design, to production, to PR, to sales. I really feel that the fashion industry is special in that everyone involved is truly passionate about what they do. It's not nearly as glamorous as people think!


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