DITA Flagship is Rodeo Drive’s Newest Luxury Eyewear Destination

Beverly Hills has a newcomer, but they know exactly what they’re doing

After 25 years of perfecting optical design, luxury eyewear brand DITA is joining the ranks of Beverly Hills’ most exclusive shopping destination, announcing the opening of their flagship store in the famed 90210. From high quality products and informed in-store stylists to a polished interior with eclectic inspiration, DITA’s new location offers visitors a chance to find their newest go-to eyewear in a minimalist escape from the bustling Los Angeles streets.

Rooted in Japanese craftsmanship and culture, DITA frames are staples for lovers of discreet luxury and timeless elegance, so it’s no surprise the brand stands as one of the largest independent eyewear brands at its price point. As seen on celebrities, musicians, and athletes, the eyewear boasts impressive quality and personalization. Shoppers can choose to add custom tints and prescriptions to their lenses, which are fitted into acetate frames finished exclusively in Japan.

More than just expansion of their influence, DITA’s new location opens an exciting door for the brand, marking an achievement that was decades in the making. “DITA is thrilled to open our doors to the Beverly Hills community this summer,” says Cody Cho, Vice President of Marketing. “Rodeo Drive’s legacy in the luxury retail market is unparalleled and the achievement marks a major milestone as an independent brand.”

Adding to the brand’s map of Flagship Experiences are locations in Melrose, Sydney, Tokyo, and more, with new stores under construction in London and Paris. In the meantime, DITA on Rodeo is the place to be.

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