New Faces and Voices of Pre-Fall: Africa Penalver

How the Spanish beauty used her time in quarantine to define her life priorities and self-reflect.


Africa Penalver


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Africa wears Givenchy.

What is your stance on the current state of affairs in the US regarding the BLM movement, protests, and police brutality

I was really shocked by the death of George Floyd and it hurt me deeply. It exposed a lot of unfairness in our treatment of fellow human beings. After the Coronavirus, we can’ t come back to the previous normality. We are in an extraordinary moment where we can make big changes, so let’ s do it together.

Are you taking part in the movement? If so, how? 

I am not neutral. I express my support to the BLM movement and am fully against any racial discrimination. I shared this message via social media, and I am continuing to educate myself in order to understand how to help those in need.y.

How did the onset of this year’s public health crisis change your outlook on life and/or work?

I am really conscious now of the freedom I enjoyed before — to go out whenever I wanted, to travel… This makes me appreciate all the simple things I was able to do before without restrictions so much more.

What have you been reading or watching while in quarantine?

I am reading the news much more than usual, just because I am so concerned about the public health situation in the world.

What have you learned while in solitude?

Looking at the positive side of this health crisis, I have experienced a break in this frenzied life. I had time to make introspection and set up my priorities in my life, and I hope that people also took advantage of this time to see what is really important for them.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do after coming out of quarantine?

The first thing I will do is go see my family and friends again. Also, I will go for a walk and enjoy nature. Particularly, I miss so much going to the ocean and surfing. I hope to go back to work soon as well.

What’s something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I love the ocean. I’m in love with surfing.

What are your goals for 2020?

Taking care of myself as well as keeping up with my work and studies.

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