New Guards of the Nordic: Berner Kühl

Student turned minimalist master

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When Berner Kühl dropped out of business school to pursue a career in fashion, he knew he was taking a risk—he just couldn’t be sure what for. The Danish designer recalls being a visual learner as a child but deciding against a creative career young, having struggled in related subjects in school. “I didn’t know that you could create an output for all that visual stuff moving around in my head,” he explains. “I wasn’t comfortable with being creative yet.” In the six years leading up to his Master’s at Polimoda, Kühl worked in a Copenhagen clothing store, the first place he realized his dream field wasn’t so out of reach.

“After that I got my first job as a production assistant at a Danish brand, and I instantly knew this was going to be my path. Slowly I started yearning for something more—to actually decide what was put into production, not just carry out the tasks.” Now, Kühl’s namesake menswear brand is rooted in craftsmanship and longevity. “I reuse a lot of the same styles,” he explains. “I give them new life by changing the quality, or adding details, but the foundation remains the same. We try to bridge the gap between performance, luxury, and something contemporary.”

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