New Order

Covering both rebelliousness and sensuality, Alexandra Agoston captures the different sides of femininity in a series of intimate scenes.

This is story appears in V129, now available for purchase. 

Shoes are a crucial part of any night-out ensemble, but this editorial by Chris Colls captures the moment after a woman returns home, still wearing her shoes and enjoying a pensive, intimate moment by herself. Alexandra Agoston wears all Giuseppe Zanotti shoes from the Spring/Summer 2021 collection and embodies many different women, each one of them glamorous and stylish in her own way. With the help of wigs, makeup, and, of course, fabulous shoes, Agoston transforms into a series of compelling characters. The shoes guide her posture and presence. “As a model, I’m always adjusting the way I hold my body, my expression for the camera, and attitude depending on what I’m wearing,” she notes. “In this shoot, all I was wearing was a pair of shoes, so the inspiration started from there, what kind of woman comes home at night in a biker boot, or a pink bowed high heel?”

The ALEXANDRA pump by Giuseppe Zanotti // Necklace C de Cartier // On eyes Clarins 4-Color Eyeshadow Palette 06 Midnight Gradation
Necklace C de Cartier // On eyes Clarins 4-Color Eyeshadow Palette 06 Midnight Gradation
The NAUSICAA mule by Giuseppe Zanotti // Watch Panthère de Cartier // On hair Clarins Nutri-Lumière Day Cream
Watch Panthère de Cartier

The pink bowed heels in question are the NAUSICAA mules by Giuseppe Zanotti. Their sweet ballet-slipper color is echoed in the lighting of the shoot, creating a scene of femininity that is delicate but still self-assured. Agoston, who models with superstar agency IMG, expertly channels a sexy, sensual moment of reflection. She seems to have all the time in the world, but the Panthère de Cartier watch on her wrist makes it clear that this is a woman with places to be. Makeup by Frank B and hair by Shay Ashual help execute a flawless transformation and enhance the scene’s captivating verisimilitude.

The ALEXANDRA pump by Giuseppe Zanotti
The ALEXANDRA pump by Giuseppe Zanotti
The DETROIT biker by Giuseppe Zanotti // Necklace Panthère de Cartier // Watch Santos de Cartier

Other shoes, such as the DETROIT biker and ALEXANDRA pump, offer a grungier look. These shoes call for smokey makeup and shaggy hair. Metal chains dangle behind the ALEXANDRA pump and make you want to see how this woman surely struts in them, but instead, we see her in the process of taking them off. She is mid-thought, maybe reminiscing on the night’s events, and unguarded.

The AGATA sandal by Giuseppe Zanotti // Bracelet and earrings Cartier Love // On skin Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil // On hair Clarins Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil with Argan and Camellia Oils
Earrings Cartier
Alexandra wears the MUSA mule by Giuseppe Zanotti

Sometimes, Agoston seems to be more self-consciously posing – maybe for a lover, maybe for herself. Throughout, she explores the many facets of femininity that exist, to some extent, within all women. Asked if she relates to the characters, she explained, “I think they are all a part of me. Maybe it’s the same woman, in different moments of her life, or different moments of her fantasy.”


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