Get to know the former soccer star turned global internet sensation and discover what he has in store for us.

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Noah Beck has come a long way since his social shaking foray into the digital stratosphere back in 2020. The internets ultimate boy-next-door went from being a college student, playing for the University of Portland, to becoming one of the world’s most well-known TikTokers. After *literally* breaking the internet in his first shoot with photographer Damon Baker, the 19-year old Arizona native has reunited once again with the viral image-maker, this time with the styling help of renowned fashion director, Nicola Formichetti. As the first subject in our New Rulers series, the social star’s daring confidence and dashing good looks goes center stage as we capture the digital phenomenon that is Noah Beck. 

In an exclusive interview with VMAN, the cyber heartthrob’s latest endeavors and early beginnings come into full focus.

Noah wears pants Calvin Klein / shoes and accessories stylist’s own

VMAN: For our readers who might not know you (yet!), how would you introduce yourself and what you do? 

Noah Beck: Hey VMAN! My name is Noah Beck and I’m a social media content creator and entertainer. 

VM: You’re originally from Arizona and now reside in Los Angeles—how’s that transition been for you thus far?

NB: The transition was pretty crazy at first, but it’s been fun. I love the energy and the hustle here. There’s always something going on, which is good because I like to keep busy. 

Noah wears underwear Calvin Klein

VM: Going from college soccer player to a full-time content creator, what has that shift been like?

NB: Giving up soccer was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made; it was and always will be my first passion, and I think about it every day. But if I had to do it over again, I’d make the same choice. 

VM: Since you left school pretty early on in your academic career, is going back still in the equation for you?

NB: Going to school for my first semester was a great experience, but I don’t plan on returning. I’m fully focused on my career now! 

Noah wears jacket Louis Vuitton

VM: Tell me about your childhood—what was Noah Beck like as a kid? Did you have any idols that you looked up to?

NB: Noah Beck as a little kid was full of energy and super competitive, so not that different from me now I guess. Growing up, I always looked up to Cristiano Ronaldo for his work ethic on and off the pitch. 

VM: You’re starring in your own reality show “Noah Beck Tries Things”—did you always want to get into the show making biz?

NB: Growing up, having my own show was never really an aspiration of mine, simply because I didn’t know it would ever be an option! I think people will really enjoy seeing me having genuine interactions and trying new things with my friends. 

Noah wears jacket vintage / underwear Calvin Klein

VM: You were recently invited as a VIP guest for the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall 2021 show & you pretty much broke the internet with your first shoot with Damon Baker—is the fashion industry something you’d like to get more involved with?

NB: Both were incredible experiences! Louis Vuitton is a brand I love so it was cool to be a part of the release of Virgil’s [latest] collection. Damon is an amazing photographer and is always looking to push the envelope. I was really able to step outside of my comfort zone and upend what I think people would normally expect in the shoot with VMAN. I’d love to work with more fashion brands and do some more modelingfashion is a great medium for expressing yourself and owning your individuality. 

VM: Since you’ve accomplished quite a bit at just 19 years old, where do you see yourself going in the next 5 years? What do you hope to accomplish?

NB: I feel blessed to have been able to accomplish the things that I have so far, but I’m by no means complacent. I want to push more into acting, continue to expand my platform, and grow my audience across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. I want to work in any medium in which I can continue to entertain people and make them smile. 

Noah wears underwear Calvin Klein / jewelry stylist’s own
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