New Year’s Eve Outfits for the New 2021 VMAN

Might as well look good while ringing in the new year

Hallelujah, the year is almost over!

This year may not have been the best for most of us, but as it comes to an end, it’s time to appreciate what we have and look to the future with some hope. 

As we’re about to ring in the new year and have the ideal at-home celebration, here are some outfits for the VMAN that would be great for any virtual parties, phone calls, or dance breakdowns in the living room. Alexa, play my Spotify Wrapped!


Rhude Hawaiian Bleach Shirt ($612)

Image credits: Rhude

The bleached look gives the shirt a two-toned effect that gives it a lot more variety for the combinations you can create with it. Lighter looks, office pants, cozy sweats, this shirt goes with everything.

Kiko Kostadinov Marcel Shirt ($493)

Image credits: Kiko Kostadinov

Layered structures with weirdly pleasing symmetry have become a lot more commonplace in everyday closets, and this cotton Marcel shirt (with all the zippers to boot) represents the “it’s 2021!” level of that trend.

Zara Contrasting Striped and Checkered Shirt ($50)

Image credits: Zara

Is it checkered? Is it striped? It’s both patterns in a shirt that creates an unordinary combination of two classics to ring in the end of an unordinary year.


Thom Browne Multicolor Double Face Blazer ($1940)

Image credits: Thom Browne

The two sides of this blazer screams “yes, I’m a snazzy, professional, but I also don’t mind a little sherry on the side,” and is great for pulling together all kinds of outfits.

Davi Paris Multicolor Phantasos Blazer ($260)

Image credits: Davi Paris

This cotton corduroy blazer looks like a work of art. Really, it resembles a watercolor painting in muted tones with pops of pink that ups the style ante instantly.

Rochas Homme Pink Velvet Blazer ($972)

Image credits: Rochas Homme

Men have started wearing more pink, now it’s time to dip into a more rose gold-y pool of pink. This velvet blazer is pleasing to the eye and to the touch, providing a more relaxed and lush fit for a relaxing at-home celebration.


Dries Van Noten Red Leather Metallic Trousers ($2050)

Image credits: Dries Van Noten

These shiny red trousers may look thin, but rest assured they’re 100% leather. So they’re relatively sturdy, easy to wear, and keep carrying forward the holiday spirit.

Isabel Marant Blue Tilsen Cargo Pants ($420)

Image credits: Isabel Marant

Cargo pants are maybe not the ideal look for a fancy holiday affair, but if you’re just doing it for the house cat, then might as well opt for something comfortable that still feels like party wear.

Tom Ford Active Shetland Atticus Trousers ($1020)

Image credits: Tom Ford

Muted cream colors work great when carrying over to the winter. Also, look at them, look how comfy the loose fabric is. And it’s a wool blend, so it’s warm, too.


Tom Ford Jagga Low Top ($950)

Image credits: Tom Ford

It’s a sturdy one and a heavy one, sure. But the suede and leather detailing on top and rich wine colors make this a shoe that you can stand/dance in for hours without needing to take them off. 

Vans Comfycush Slip Skool ($60)

Image credits: Vans

The transparent tops on these sneakers are, honestly, too cool to pass up on without noticing. It’s an optical illusion of a shoe, one that looks like it’s been spray-painted on glass.

Gucci Tennis 1977 High Top Sneaker ($690)

Image credits: Gucci

Made using a monogram canvas print, Gucci’s sneakers combine utility with the heights of luxury. A little bit of luxury on occasion is fine, though, especially since you’re not going to be stepping outside to muck it up too much. 

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