NICCE Unveils AW20 Collections In Exclusive ‘After Party’ Show Production 

Take a look at London’s latest craze-worthy brand.

Established in 2013 by founder Mitchel Galvin-Farnol, NICCE is a contemporary casual/streetwear label that focuses on accessibility and wearability. The roots of NICCE begin in Ibiza and are integrated with the creative culture of its home in London, creating a unique blend of aesthetics. 

For the men’s drop, the collection includes a variety of outerwear, pants and the classic NICCE vest. Drop 3 remained true to the aesthetic of the label, which highlights the use of sports and technical fabrics. For this particular collection, the pieces were centered around utilitarian workwear in an array of metallic and iridescent fabrics. Closet staples for the winter season have been elevated with a modern yet functional twist. Fabrics play a key part in the design element of the brand, so revamping established fabrics of flannel and fleece helps bring the snowy slopes to the city streets. Pops of color and prints of neutral tones pay homage to vintage ski vibes. 

For the women’s drop, the collection takes cues from sci-fi classics, exploring the realms of a dystopian future, with the emphasis of fluorescent neon colors making up the collection color palette, and mixing it with melted leopard prints and horror movie clown patterns. This is not your average winter gear, as the star pieces include oversized utilitarian winter coats and high neck body-cons that are embellished with neon buckles, silicone logos and fluorescent drawcords. 

Previewing their AW20 collections, NICCE presented an exclusive show to celebrate the energy of the brand, in the form of an East London ‘after-party’ set in an apartment complex. The showroom was fixated to emulate the feeling of a true after-party, including empty beer cans and streamers, with the bedrooms set with NICCE printed bedsheets and closets stocked with collection pieces. 

Throughout the show, after-party scenarios played out, which brought the collection to life. Guests were able to see and interact in the varying scenes while all of the cast wearing the recent collection.  

About the brand, Consultant Designer Katie Eary says:

Nicce is not ‘yet another’ self-serving street wear brand. It’s a brand that gives back. Gives back to the arts through its N-Studio platform and gives back to the streets from which ‘street wear’ came with its accessible price point – What’s not to love about that? 
I chose to work with Nicce because I was given the brief to restart the women’s collection. You’d have to be crazy to turn down an opportunity like that! My goal was to come in and really create well done ‘Tom boy’ esque street fashion by day, glamour by night (although I prefer to call it all contemporary clothing) The women’s offers something new in the form of non watered-down street wear clothing. I have spent my working life trying to smash down the barriers of ‘shrink it and pink it’ especially with graphics so this was the first step for me – and I feel like we’ve achieved that already!  To be able to serve up some thoroughly thought through design at an accessible price point is a great position to be in.
Check out the new collection, below.

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