Nice Ads: Coach Fall 2016

Nice Ads: Coach Fall 2016

Text: Grace Walker

Relaxed, retro and underpinned with nostalgia, Coach’s Fall Ad Campaign captures the essence of New York youth.  In beaming lights and earthquaking noise, the city that never sleeps is crowned the mecca of prosperity and opportunity—with unexpected bites of bad luck at each grueling corner. It’s a place overspilling with life and luster and no-one understands that better than Coach, which was founded in the NYC in 1941.

Catching a breath outside bustling Manhattan, the Steven Meisel shot campaign is set on the rugged shores of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Whilst the view from the waterfront is undeniably impressive, spanning an incredible perspective of the City, Brooklyn’s rougher edges offer a unique depth to the photography. Posing against ‘70s rides, Caitie Green, new face Dilone, Finnlay Davis, Jing Wen, Rianne Van Rompaey, and Sandra Schmitt work moody, varsity trends. The entire campaign pivots around the recurring varsity jacket, vamped up with leather sleeves and flashing embroidered badges.

In a new chapter for the brand, creative director Stuart Vever is setting out to explore Americana from every angle: light and dark, old and new, grungy and chic. Proudly presenting the Fall '16 campaign, he explained “Coach is about New York City… The word ‘cool’ as we know it and Coach were both born in the city in 1941. And they’ve both had 75-years of swagger in pop culture ever since.”


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