Nicolo Tonetto Milano's Vision is Having "No Target"

Nicolo Tonetto Milano's Vision is Having "No Target"

The designer makes no distinctions of age, gender, race, and appearance when it comes to his street-inspired collections.

The designer makes no distinctions of age, gender, race, and appearance when it comes to his street-inspired collections.

Text: Erin McDowell

Nicolò Tonetto Milano's brand vision is crystal clear—having "no target" means no limitations to what is possible. Nicolò Tonetto, the designer and founder, prefers to keep his options open when it comes to building his flourishing brand. Straying away from typical gender conformities, the fashion line showcases collections that are inherently unisex and able to be worn by anyone, regardless of creed, race, sexuality, or gender. We sat down with the fashion entrepreneur to discuss social media, his brand ethos, and how Nicolò Tonetto Milano's aesthetic is changing the game of streetwear-inspired fashion.

You're very hands-on with your brand, doing everything from manufacturing to photography. What is the benefit of this?

Keeping a close eye on every aspect gives me full control on the direction of the brand. Nicolò Tonetto Milano has a different and revolutionary vision, crystal clear in my mind but not easy to transfer to my staff, especially given the young age of the project.

How has social media played into your career or your life in general?

Social media has been a way to gain visibility and show my real self without intermediaries, interferences, and filters whatsoever, breaking the rules of a system that makes almost impossible to express us freely.

Can you describe "the Power of Will" and what it means to you?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We must follow the river of our life without breaks or mental barriers, and we’ll end up where we’re really meant to be. A book I suggest to everybody is ‘The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, it’s a good starting point.

Why did you choose to have "no target" for your brand? What difficulties does it bring about?

I believe the distinction of people into targets is a stretch, not something inherent in the human being, that makes us forget who we really are, creating limits and barriers, and shaping relationships based merely on appearance. That’s why the target of my brand is the ‘no-target’: no distinctions of age, gender, race and life choices. Following this vision is not easy at all and is often seen as an uncomfortable choice, when in fact it’s the one thing that makes my brand different from the others and deeply personal.

Can you describe your relationship with Frank? How did the two of you meet?

I met Frank on the street three years ago, on Christmas Day, the day of his 67th birthday: I immediately understood that he was a special person, living his life to the fullest and capable of appreciating every single day with a spirit, an insouciance, and an energy that I’ve never seen before. From that day we started seeing each other often and we had many crazy nights around the world, where Frank could finally let out his great passion for music and club culture. After just a few months, I decided to adopt him.

Why did you start a modeling agency? How is it going? Is it a hard business to learn?

The purpose of my agency is the scouting of talents, but not only in fashion. I decided to start this business because I love to discover and unlock the hidden potential of people. We’re in the early startup phase, but until now everything’s going as planned.

How do you define success for yourself?

For me, success is reaching the point where you have the opportunity to explain your vision and lifestyle to the people, and maybe being an example for some of them.

What are your goals for this year?

This year, as every year, my goals are to experience strong and new emotions, evolve mentally, stay strong in my path, and have crazy and unique moments worth telling.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I love people who don’t know to be beautiful, but know that nobody is better than them. I love difficult things, accomplished in a simple and natural way.

How do the digital world and the real world intersect, in your opinion?

The digital world is a second brain we need to manage.

Credits: Images courtesy of Nicolo Tonetto Milano


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